AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy is

  • A fully managed deployment service that automates software deployments to a variety of compute services on the AWS platform.
  • Makes it easier for you to rapidly release new features, helps you avoid downtime during application deployment, and handles the complexity of updating your applications.
  • Makes it very easy to automate software deployments, eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations.

Advantages of AWS Code Deploy

Automated deployments

AWS CodeDeploy fully automates your software deployments, allowing you to deploy reliably and rapidly. You can consistently deploy your application across your development, test, and production environments

Minimize downtime

AWS CodeDeploy helps maximize your application availability during the software deployment process. It introduces changes incrementally and tracks application health according to configurable rules.

Centralized control

AWS CodeDeploy allows you to easily launch and track the status of your application deployments through the AWS Management Console or the AWS CLI. CodeDeploy gives you a detailed report allowing you to view when and to where each application revision was deployed.

Easy to adopt

AWS CodeDeploy is platform and language agnostic, works with any application, and provides the same experience whether you’re deploying to Amazon

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