Staffing Services

  • Permanent Placement Services

    Access to an unprecedented global workforce of more than half-a-million candidates.

  • Professional Staffing

    At Teamitek, recruiting has been the core of our business for over 25 years. With over 40 offices across the US, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, we help companies of all sizes find the talent they need on a contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent basis.

  • Application Development & Maintenance

    With IT as the backbone to businesses, the importance of world-class IT services delivery and management has become paramount. Achieving the required high levels of IT services continues to remain a challenge. To help companies for the same, we have developed comprehensive solutions that go above and beyond the traditional staffing services. Our Competency Leveraged Advanced Staffing & Solutions (CLASS) allows clients to take advantage of a bespoke IT Services business model that provides significant and unparalleled value, cost-effectiveness and assures predictable outcomes.

  • QA Testing

    The speed and scalability of IT developments are increasing, and user demands requiring faster response times and throughput, end-to-end performance, and load testing have become a de-facto critical component of competent IT development. At Teamitek, we understand that corporations often confront the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies that can withstand peak usage while delivering unwavering functionality and responsiveness to the end-user. With unpredictable yet exciting IT possibilities of present times, Teamitek offers expert assessment in QA and Testing that ensures that IT implementation of our client functions regardless of the stress or burden placed on them. With a reduced risk of business loss and productivity and an increase in performance benchmarks, our clients enjoy the key benefits of a robust and tested framework consisting of enterprise-level networked applications. These applications boast maximum performance, stability, and durability-required by today’s ever-accelerating IT and business environment.