Why is DevOps important for your organization?

Traditionally, the developers and operations have functioned in siloes to create and operate a service. It affects the agility of the organization, which can prove to be disastrous in the competitive environment we are witnessing today. DevOps helps solve these problems effectively and efficiently. When developers and operations collaborate to create a service, the results are exceptional. 

DevOps makes the development cycle faster. Automation tools like Ansible, Jenkins, maven, puppet help reduce the latency and friction in the development cycle. The exchange of complaints and suggestions happens almost instantly. Operations can effectively guide developers for what is needed and, developers can be part of the deployment process. This collaboration not only ensures a free flow of information but also reduces conflicts. The result is more polished software and faster updates. DevOps ultimately results in low cost of production and time consumption.

The outcomes achieved with the correct implementation of DevOps are:

  • Fully Automated Deployment.
  • Frequent and Rapid Release Cycles.
  • Clutter-Free Operations.
  • Continuous Feedback Loop.
  • Development and Operations Groups Work Together.
  • Clear Establishment of Goals and Objectives.

DevOps is the answer to all the complexities of the application development process.

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